Elite Sub Weapon

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Elite Sub Weapon
  • Requires Level: -
  • You need the following material :
Image Items Quantity
Elite Recipe Unstable Elite Sub Weapon Recipe 1x
Sub Weapon Sub Weapon 1x
Platinum Bullion Platinum Bullion 1x

How to craft Elite Sub Weapon

  • You have to collect Unstable Elite Sub Weapon Recipe from boss at Mobius Arena or can buy directly from LP Shop at Laglamia.

Boss Mobius

  • To produce Elite Sub Weapon, go to NPC extract NPC at Laglamia.

Extract NPC

  • Choose "PRODUCE" button.

Step 1

If production fails, Recipe and Platinum Bullion will be lost. But Old Sub Weapon will be remains.

Elite Sub Weapon Recipes

Recipes Elite Sub Weapon
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Dragon Demolition Recipe
-> Elite Dragon Demolition.jpg
Elite Dragon Demolition
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Urboros Wand Recipe
-> Elite Urboros Wand.jpg
Elite Urboros Wand
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite TomaHawk-MK3 Recipe
-> Elite TomaHawk-MK3.jpg
Elite TomaHawk-MK3
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Saint Flute Recipe
-> Elite Saint Flute.jpg
Elite Saint Flute
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Blue Dragon Stone Recipe
-> Elite Blue Dragon Stone.jpg
Elite Blue Dragon Stone
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Decimator Parts Recipe
-> Elite Decimator.jpg
Elite Decimator Parts