Elite Sub Weapon

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Elite Sub Weapon
  • Requires Level: -
  • You need the following material :
Image Items Quantity
Elite Recipe Unstable Elite Sub Weapon Recipe 1x
Sub Weapon Sub Weapon 1x
Platinum Bullion Platinum Bullion 1x

How to craft Elite Sub Weapon

  • You have to collect Unstable Elite Sub Weapon Recipe from boss at Mobius Arena.

Boss Mobius

  • To produce Elite Sub Weapon, go to NPC extract NPC at Laglamia.

Extract NPC

  • Choose "PRODUCE" button.

Step 1

Elite Sub Weapon Recipes

Recipes Elite Sub Weapon
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Dragon Demolition Recipe
-> Elite Dragon Demolition.jpg
Elite Dragon Demolition
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Urboros Wand Recipe
-> Elite Urboros Wand.jpg
Elite Urboros Wand
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite TomaHawk-MK3 Recipe
-> Elite TomaHawk-MK3.jpg
Elite TomaHawk-MK3
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Saint Flute Recipe
-> Elite Saint Flute.jpg
Elite Saint Flute
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Blue Dragon Stone Recipe
-> Elite Blue Dragon Stone.jpg
Elite Blue Dragon Stone
Elite Recipe.jpg
Unstable Elite Decimator Parts Recipe
-> Elite Decimator.jpg
Elite Decimator Parts