Tier 4 Second Weapon

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Tier 4 Second Weapon
  • Requires Level: -
  • You need the following material :
Image Items Quantity
Tier 4 Second Weapon Recipe Tier 4 Second Weapon Recipe 1x
Tier 3 Second Weapon Tier 3 Second Weapon 1x
Stone of Experience Stone of Experience 1x
Stone of Creation Stone of Creation 5x
Platinum Bullion Platinum Bullion 3x

Tier 4 Second Weapon Material

  • Tier 4 Second Weapon Recipe

Obtained from Egeha bosses

  • Stone of Experience

Obtained from completing the Egeha Hitlist
Egeha Hitlist

  • Stone of Creation

Recipe for this Stone of Creation available on Recipe Shop at Egeha
Egeha Recipe Shop

Stone Of Creation Recipe


Image Items Quantity
Tier4 Steel Tier4 Steel 5x
Tier4 Wood Tier4 Wood 5x
Tier4 Cloth Tier4 Cloth 5x
Tier4 Rope Tier4 Rope 5x

All of this material dropped from Egeha monsters.

  • To produce Tier 4 Second Weapon, go to NPC extract NPC at Laglamia.

Extract NPC

  • Choose "PRODUCE" button.

Step 1

If production fails, Recipe and Platinum Bullion will be lost. But Old Sub Weapon will be remains.

Tier 4 Second Weapon Recipes

Recipes Tier 4 Second Weapon
Doomblade Recipe
-> Doomblade.jpg
Spellbinder Recipe
-> Spellbinder.jpg
Blunderbuss pew pew Recipe
-> Blunderbuss pew pew.jpg
Blunderbuss pew pew
Hellish Torment Recipe
-> Hellish Torment.jpg
Hellish Torment
Faithkeeper Recipe
-> Faithkeeper.jpg
Stormcaller Stone Recipe
-> Stormcaller Stone.jpg
Stormcaller Stone
Soulbreaker Recipe
-> Soulbreaker.jpg

How to use Tier 4 Second Weapon

  • To use a Tier 4 Second Weapon, you need to upgrade your character Second Weapon skill.
  • Needs a Skill Scroll Documents Tier 4, This Skill scroll are dropped from Final Bosses at Ascadia Dungeon
Image Items
Skill Scroll Documents Tier4 Skill Scroll Documents Tier4