Tier 3 Second Weapon

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Tier 3 Second Weapon
  • Requires Level: -
  • You need the following material :
Image Items Quantity
Tier 3 Second Weapon Recipe Tier 3 Second Weapon Recipe 1x
Elite Sub Weapon Elite Sub Weapon 1x
Kyanite Type 4 Kyanite Type 4 5x
Platinum Bullion Platinum Bullion 2x

Tier 3 Second Weapon Material

Kyanite Type 2:

  • Kyanite Type 1 x10

Video Tutorial

Kyanite Type 3

  • Kyanite Type 2 x10

Video Tutorial

Kyanite Type 4

  • Kyanite Type 3 x10

Video Tutorial

How to craft Tier 3 Second Weapon

  • To get this weapon you will need to go back to S4. A new room is opened in S4 and in this room you will find the Amden Orc. Amden Orc is the King of Forlorn Ruin!

This boss will drop the required recipe for the new second weapon. The materials you will find dropping off all the monsters in S4.

  • To produce Tier 3 Second Weapon, go to NPC extract NPC at Laglamia.

Extract NPC

  • Choose "PRODUCE" button.

Step 1

Video Tutorial

If production fails, Recipe and Platinum Bullion will be lost. But Old Sub Weapon will be remains.

Elite Sub Weapon Recipes

Recipes Elite Sub Weapon
Archaic Glast Recipe
-> Archaic Glast.jpg
Archaic Glast
Dim Mystice Wand Recipe
-> Dim Mystice Wand.jpg
Dim Mystice Wand
T-8 Armageddon Recipe
-> T-8 Armageddon.jpg
T-8 Armageddon
T-8 Captio Recipe
-> T-8 Captio.jpg
T-8 Captio
Shadow Flute Recipe
-> Shadow Flute.jpg
Shadow Flute
Enseild Cobra Stone Recipe
-> Enseild Cobra Stone.jpg
Enseild Cobra Stone
Heremonic Part Recipe
-> Heremonic Part.jpg
Heremonic Part