Level 400 Meta

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Lv400 Hi-Meta
  • Requires Level: 400
  • You need the following material :
Image Items Quantity
Lv400 Hi-Meta Recipe Lv400 Hi-Meta Recipe 1x
God Stone 350 God Stone 2x
Lv300 Hi-Meta Lv300 Hi-Meta 1x

How to craft Lv400 Hi-Meta

  • You have to buy Lv400 Hi-Meta Recipe from Magic Shopkeeper NPC at Laglamia.

Magic Shopkeeper

Magic Shopkeeper2

  • To produce Lv400 Hi-Meta, go to NPC extract NPC at Laglamia.

Extract NPC

  • Choose "PRODUCE" button.

Step 1

Lv400 Hi-Meta Recipes

Recipes Lv400 Hi-Meta
[RECIPE] Lv400 Bulkan's Hi-Meta shield
-> 400 Bulkan Meta.jpg
Lv400 Bulkan's Hi-Meta shield
[RECIPE] Lv400 Kalipton's Hi-Meta Cape
-> 400 Kai Meta.jpg
Lv400 Kalipton's Hi-Meta Cape
[RECIPE] Lv400 Human's Hi-Meta shield
-> 400 Human Meta.jpg
Lv400 Human's Hi-Meta shield
[RECIPE] Lv400 Hi-Light Wing
-> 400 Aidia Meta.jpg
Lv400 Hi-Light Wing
[RECIPE] Lv400 Hi-meta shield of hybrider
-> 400 Hybrider Meta.jpg
Lv400 Hi-meta shield of hybrider
[RECIPE] Lv400 Hi-meta muffler of hybrider
-> 400 Hybrider Muffler.jpg
Lv400 Hi-meta muffler of hybrider