Dmitron War

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Dmitron War.
  • Guild can join this war at Dmitron.
  • Guild who has point in war more then other guild will win.
  • Winners guilds will get advantage from area.

How to join

Use 3,000,000 lime for register and can register all days (24 hours) ( you can cancel in 12 hours and will get money back 1,000,000 lime.

Guild Hunt Manager NPC

Before war

  • Only a Guild Master or Vice can request/register war.
  • Go to Guild Hunt Manager NPC (1096, 607) at Dmitron base.
  • Area that available will have status "can invade"
  • Press "Request" button to register
  • Every time if you register war, It will show broadcast message.

Guild Hunt Manager NPC Window 1

After Register

  • After register you need to press a button/area beside a request button. (this a little tricky, because start button didn't visible)
  • A new window will displayed and press confirm button.
  • A guild that raids will start the invasion.
  • A guild that owns area if you see announcement, they can talk to the NPC Manager and press "Move" button then will move to war zone

Guild Hunt Manager NPC Window 3

Guild Hunt Manager NPC Window 3a

Guild Hunt Manager NPC Window 4

War Start

Stone Gate

  • Guild Intruders must go to war area and break Stone Gate
  • Guild area owner must guard Stone Gate for protect area

Gate Stone 1

  • If Stone gate destroyed a warp gate will appeared
  • Guild Intruders can go to Crystal area

Gate Stone 2


  • Guild area owner defend a Crystal for protect area , Intruders must break Crystal.
  • When crystal break, guild master or Vice of Intruders must flag under crystal in 15 minute.
  • Flag items is available on Attractive Girl NPC (1095, 613) at Dmitron Base.

Crystal 1

Crystal 2

How to get Point

Content Obtained Loss
Guild area members can kill guild invaders. 10 Point --
Guild invaders can kill guild area members 7 Point --
Guild invaders can kill other guild invaders. 5 Point 1 Point
Can Flag in area per second 1 Point --
Can break the crystal 100 Point --

War End

  • Crystal break/Guild occupation. >>> Guild who hold flag in 5 minute, WIN
  • Crystal break/No Guild occupation >>> who guild is more point, WIN
  • Crystal not break, Current guild area own, WIN


Free warp to area can warp to guild area own
Can setting tax in warp gate who want warp to your area must pay tax to your guild
Tax Guild area owner can warp free
Get buff from crystal Your area will has buff different other area

Buff effect

  • Buff have 4 kinds , 1 Crystal will get buff 2 kinds
  • You must hold 2 area , will get buff effect
  • If the buff that has no match. Buffer will not be displayed.
  • Buff effect will change follow area

Dmitron Buff Table

Places Occupied Crystal Icon Buff Effect
Green Hill

Pollution Areas Ancient Graves Abandoned Town Magria Castle

Destruction 1 Destruction 2 Attack Attack increase 10%
Guardian 1 Guardian 2 Defense Defense increase 10%
Power 1 Power 2 HP HP increase 20%
Lucky 1 Lucky 2 Drop Drop increase 15%

if buff match = Destruction 1 + Destruction 2 you will get attack increase 10%

NOTICE: After War end : Cannot war again in 3 hours.